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Some words About Us

SoftNET makes a difference to your business.

We provide high-quality voice, data and internet services that help you manage costs, simplify IT operations and make more effort in businesses connectivity. SoftNET's main goal today is helping a growing number of our clients migrate from traditional telephony services to IP-based solutions that reduce costs and increase productivity.

Committed to providing a great customer service. We are big enough to deliver but, just as importantly, we're small enough to care about the quality of our relationship with you what set us apart in serving the SEE region and Asia. It's easy to do business with us and we stand behind our commitments with strong SLA agreement.



SoftNET is a privately held regional provider of telecommunication services established in 1996 in Slovenia. Following its expansion policy in SEE, SoftNET has built the most advanced IP network and opened offices in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and China where it has top-level teams of specialists.

Today SoftNET runs this state-of-the-art international network which enables high level of Voice, Data and additional services. They are developed exclusively for companies that need excellent external or internal connection.

SoftNET is a perfect choice for every company in the region, especially for multinational companies with branch offices in Europe or China. It's a trustworthy and reliable communications partner with wide and proven experiences.

SoftNET in Asia
SoftNET Ltd. is servicing enterprises in China since 2008, when its first office in Shanghai was opened. Since then SoftNET expanded to Beijing and Guangzhou servicing all of China and also Malaysia and Vietnam. We are focusing on offering IP-VPN and MPLS services to European companies. We are deeply committed to providing excellent customer service and  proud to cooperate with many international companies based in Asia.

In Asia, we provide various IT solutions that can be tailored to your organization.



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