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Voice services

Phone service is a must for any business whether you just need a phone at your desk or want a dynamic office. The ability to reach customers and partners at any time and make effective conversations can be crucial for your operations.

SoftNET deliver next-gen voice services that can be integrated into existing business systems and are highly reliable, rich in productive features and offer a superior experience. Simplify your communications platform and prepare your business for the future with SoftNET VoIP services.

Why Companies choose VoIP?


On site IP-PBX

On site IP-PBX

SoftNET’s IP PBX is an excellent solution, that supports all functionalities of classic telephony and offers much more. It significantly cuts telephony costs, especially to those companies, who have offices in different countries (there is no costs with communication between offices in SoftNET network, besides other international calls are lower up to 50%).

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